withhold assent

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b) Should the President withhold assent to the Bill and give reasons within the aforementioned thirty days, the Bill shall be re-introduced to the Assembly to consider the observations of the President.
The role of the citizen is to give or withhold assent for some particular measure set out by these experts.
To use the birth control issue, I think there are a lot of Catholics who don't withhold assent, they simply ignore it.
It's impossible to withhold assent from Turner's critique, and tempting to add that the inclusion of Providence sneaks in the appalling idea that the human institution of slavery enjoyed divine support, that apprenticeship is by definition a temporally limited contract, and that the savage in any slavemaster relationship is surely the master.
In the Fourth Meditation Descartes says we err when we assent to what we do not clearly and distinctly apprehend, implying that error is imputable, since in such cases we have the power to withhold assent.