withhold consent

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When the DoD issued its Interim Rule, these changes are important as they allow the department to implement a Section 806 Action to exclude IT contractors from contract participation or withhold consent to subcontract if the DoD decides that a contractor or subcontractor presents a supply chain risk.
And our right to either give or withhold consent is being oppressed," Australian Indigenous leader Murrawah Johnson, who represented the youth of the Wangan and Jagalingou tribes, told APTN News.
The letter says it is only lawful to withhold consent for valid legal reasons and not arbitrary ones, which it says the Syrian government is relying on.
The report said the "action for possession would have been grounds to withhold consent for the mutual exchange.
He was backed by the National Assembly, which on Tuesday voted to withhold consent.
A competent person is entitled to withhold consent, and doctors are obliged to respect that decision unless in their opinion the refusal of treatment is likely to cause death.
March 20, 2012 (KHARTOUM) -- The Sudanese government has decided to withhold consent to an initiative proposed by the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU) and the Arab League (AL) on delivery of aid to South Kordofan pending further assessment, an official said on Tuesday.
Site operators can withhold consent to park home residents reselling their home, although this consent should not be withheld unreasonably.
Uganda's parliament passed a resolution urging government to withhold consent to Tullow Oil's proposed partnership with Total and CNOOC.
Judge Graham Cottle told him: "she was quite clearly not in a position to give or withhold consent.