withhold consent

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Under TCF 2.0, not only can consumers grant or withhold consent but they can also exercise their right to object to data being processed.
The Crown alleges she was intoxicated with alcohol and cocaine, and so was unable to give or withhold consent.
Populism incubates hostility to people possessing specialized knowledge (aka "elites"), but senators can withhold consent from particularly egregious abuses of institutions that are particularly dependent on the perception of competence.
Meanwhile, Briones also told the President that the "relationship" between the legislature and executive is that of "advice and consent" - noting that "one branch of government can politely advise [and] the other branch can politely withhold consent."
They demand a voice for the Welsh Government and Assembly, and call for Wales to withhold consent from Trade Secretary Liam Fox's Trade Bill.
But he added: "The undertaking in this agreement we've reached with the Welsh Government is that they would not unreasonably withhold consent where agreement has been reached.
The kits would have to clearly notify consumers their DNA may be used in research and shared, along with information about how to withhold consent for such use.
The 39-year-old was also said to have seized her around the waist while she was asleep and unable to give or withhold consent.
Sturgeon has threatened to withhold consent for the Brexit plan unless there are significant compromises from the Tory Government.
* We believe patients have the right to withhold consent to be treated by non-physicians.
Data subjects should be allowed to withhold consent, especially in cases of any amendment to their personal data.
In general, insurers must have a good faith basis to withhold consent, but no court decisions have addressed the consent requirement in the context of cyber extortion coverage.