withhold judgment

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Blake might somehow be explained by "mitigating circumstances" not captured on the "silent video" depicting that assault; and concludes by noting, without apparent irony, that Americans should withhold judgment of Mr.
It has long been known that it is essential that a helper withhold judgment about the client and what he or she is saying about his or her situation.
There's reason to withhold judgment until all the facts are known; in a 13-page letter to Milley stating a case for leniency, Fidell said then "perhaps those who were quick to condemn [Bergdahl] will see him and his conduct in a different light.
Byrne, on Wednesday urged that people withhold judgment about the case until all the evidence was presented and took issue with the grievance filed against his client by the Innocence Project, a legal advocacy group.
Instead, regard your own ignorance of their meanings as the enemy and the writer or speaker as an unwitting or even intentional ally of your adversary (although withhold judgment for a moment on that last part).
Encourage people to talk about their experiences, and withhold judgment while listening to opposing viewpoints.
Prosecutor Jason Wakely said he was pleased to hear Alizadeh's expression of remorse, but would withhold judgment until he had seen Alizadeh's action in the future.
Until now, however, observers have been willing to withhold judgment regarding the level of Pakistani involvement.
Given some suspicious aspects of the events, Russia should withhold judgment on who was responsible until that investigation is complete," Psaki noted.
It is important that the public withhold judgment, keep the matter in perspective, and allow the legal system to do its work.
At this point, we're going to withhold judgment on the actual report.
Just as Paul advised his listeners to withhold judgment against their ancestors, Jesus warned against making assumptions about the guilt and sinfulness of others.