withhold payment

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Nine congressmen from Central Mindanao urged Public Works Secretary Mark Villar to withhold payment of road right-of-way (ROW) claims amid a controversy involving billions of pesos.
The FMB carried out UK-wide research into the impact of "cowboy clients", clients who delay or withhold payment without good reason or make completely unreasonable demands.
Withhold payment from the numerous small businesses that work in your casinos.
If I got a service in my home and was not happy with it by law I'd have the right to withhold payment till that service was to the standard I was sold.
The buyer continued to withhold payment, and Land Department proceeded to terminate the sale agreement and allow the developer to deduct 40% of the paid amount (as per Law no.
As per Article 357 of the penal code anyone who issues dud cheques or withdraws money before the beneficiary presents the cheque or advises the bank to withhold payment is liable to be imprisoned for a period of three months to three years or pay a fine of QR3,000 to QR10,000 or be given both the sentences.
The parent company said, 'MOEX [anticipates] additional invoices from BP, but expects to continue to withhold payment given that at the present time it is uncertain whether there will be an obligation to pay.
In another it is understandable that they should withhold payment and make a fuss, simply to send out a message to anyone with bad intentions that they are not prepared to be legged over.
Sian said: "I have been allocated 10 minutes to state my case and explain my decision to withhold payment of part of my income tax debt.
Health Secretary Alan Johnson ordered the trust to withhold payment, and lawyers are now saying that any payment to Gibb is likely to be deemed unlawful.
Standard agreements cede the owner's authority to the architect, as the owner's representative, to direct the work, withhold payment to the contractor for defective or deficient work, and authorize change orders.