withhold permission

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Sheffield City Council is expected to give or withhold permission for the development in the spring of 2017.
Should they withhold permission, the tour cannot take place, as Irish explained.
The committee recommended that the board withhold permission from Miss Marks and Mr Williams and from their school to present amateur formation team demonstrations until September 1959 and that they be suspended until that date from entering amateur formation teams for any competition or test conducted according to official board rules.
Students' school districts of residence would not be able to withhold permission for transfers.
There must have been sufficient reason to withhold permission for industrial license.
The problem with the current register is that when it is checked and a person's name is not found, their relatives may well assume they objected to donation and withhold permission.
The contract can help the employer by making it a sackable offence to withhold permission for a body search - but that would not necessarily prevent sensitive information leaving the premises.
In this country, a Bahraini woman is still subject to the rule of her father, husband, or in their absence even a younger brother, either of whom can withhold permission for her to marry, work, or even leave the house.
But food peddlers say another seemingly innocuous provision - authorizing the police chief to withhold permission for late-night vendor hours - unfairly infringes on their right to make a living.
If there is any question of passing identifiable information on to a third party, there must be a clear reason for it and people should have an opportunity either to give their consent for disclosure or to withhold permission.
Article 32 of the law also infringes upon the rights of those who inherit copyright, giving the minister of culture and information the ability to authorize publication for reasons of national interest 60 days after the submission of a publishing request, even if the copyright inheritors withhold permission or do not given a response.