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2--01 No (2)Gripper Withholder Sk 40-A 1-2-M14x1,5-A=0,65,Order No:95.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Indicative Type Fuse Withholder 1.
Slave women were "keepers of secrets, givers and withholders of information, and, by extension, potential betrayers of the rebellion" (196).
The Council called on the Committee7+7 to exert efforts to meet the withholders, gun holders or opposition, to urge them to engage in the national dialogue.
Blame for the failure of national healing is thus shifted onto Aboriginal peoples, who are cast as the withholders of forgiveness and disrupters of national peace, perennially unable to approximate the civility manifested by government officials.
Progression is controlled by obedience to asserting thugs, Disguised as self authorised withholders of hugs.