withholding approval

See: dissenting
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And if one adds the Abstentions as also withholding approval from Cisco's position (of opposing The Holy Land Principles), one gets $8.
Mr Black's bill will protect Welsh residents from "sale blocking" - where a site owner prevents a resident from selling their home on the market by withholding approval of the prospective buyer.
Ultimately the FDA claims its reasoning for withholding approval is safety.
who learned that they can win significant concessions by withholding approval of vital legislation.
Leaders of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations changed their position on Myanmar's request to chair the regional body in 2014 by withholding approval of the proposal, the final draft of the chairman's statement of the two-day ASEAN Summit said Sunday.
UPGRADES to the A19 that are regarded as vital in the North East could be delayed as the Government considers withholding approval while slashing roads budgets Improvement to roundabouts along the length of the A19 had been agreed by the previous Government in a five-year programme of upgrades.
Morrisville NC) said the FDA is withholding approval of an ulcerative colitis drug because of potential manufacturing deficiencies.
The government hopes to curb the expansion of six sectors by withholding approval for new investment and by starving them of financing.
The Dutch central bank is withholding approval for Belgian-Dutch financial group Fortis' (FOR.
Yet there is persisting speculation that Tripoli is withholding approval of the EPSA to pressure the UK to repatriate Megrahi.
Withholding of approval or rewards is used when withholding approval functions to produce "hope" for the attainment of approval the next time when the behavior is improved.
The disruptive impact of withholding approval of such contracts was expressed by the Executive Director of the U.