withholding assent

See: dissenting
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In the first case, the withholding of assent will be a natural, spontaneous and inevitable operation, because the mind cannot help withholding assent in the case of uncertain impressions (14).
Concerning the first aspect, if the possibility of withholding assent were absent from the workings of the human mind, moral progress would be impossible in principle, because the mind would be forced to assent to what appears at first sight to be correct, without being able to question that first impression.
Topics include curriculum policy and politics, planning for accountability, defining and theorizing subject matter, sustainability in curriculum, technology, granting and withholding assent to learn, cultivating teachers as curriculum-makers, colonization v.
Brennan begins section two with the foundation stone of Stoic psychology: impressions and our power of giving or withholding assent to them.
Dissent generally involves a public and formal act of disagreement, whereas withholding assent is not necessarily public.