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THE NEIGHBOURHOOD Overlooking the Atlantic, set on Victoria Beach and within spitting distance of Northern Africa, this hotel is less than two miles from Cadiz old town.
Initially, gravitational interactions between the black holes and surrounding material do the trick; eventually, when the black holes are within spitting distance, they'll emit gravitational waves that drive their inward spiral.
We've seen a fair number of coyotes at the lake through the years but this was the first time out there that I'd been almost literally within spitting distance of one.
But you'll be lakeside and within spitting distance of countless wineries.
With Nottingham city centre just a short walk over the Trent away and middle-class West Bridgford nearer still, there is no shortage of options, but you can stay within spitting distance of the ground if you do not want to.
They're all within spitting distance of one another, as is the canteen/cafe which is the base for all the downtime, meal-eating and analysis sessions the fortnight will entail.
But standing on the terrace, it's still within spitting distance of the stylish crowds headed for the opera and the concert halls.
Otherwise, look for Arvest to promptly close a branch--we can't say which--on McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock and on Highway 107 in Sherwood, because both banks currently have branches within spitting distance of each other.
The pair are likely to remain within spitting distance of each other, at least until they reach the mountain stages where Froome probably holds a slight advantage.
THE London Marathon snakes within spitting distance of the street where I grew up.
And within spitting distance of where the Warner's patrons once sat and munched popcorn while watching films, Foothills Theatre patrons watched live productions from 1987 to 2009 in the theater behind Filene's.
On a mock charge the bear raises its hackles, snarls, pops its teeth and then comes straight at you at 30 mph, only to come to a screeching halt within spitting distance. A real charge is exactly the same, except that he forgets to hit the brakes and then proceeds to maul you.