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so that will be seven in total all within spitting distance of each other.
With one game in the elimination, all that is left for Ravena is to formally accept the award as no other player is within spitting distance of the huge statistical lead he has built up in anchoring Ateneo to the top of the standings.
But standing on the terrace, it's still within spitting distance of the stylish crowds headed for the opera and the concert halls.
Otherwise, look for Arvest to promptly close a branch--we can't say which--on McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock and on Highway 107 in Sherwood, because both banks currently have branches within spitting distance of each other.
The pair are likely to remain within spitting distance of each other, at least until they reach the mountain stages where Froome probably holds a slight advantage.
He said: "I was working within spitting distance of a roofing contractor that had cherry pickers, safety nets, harnesses, helmets, the lot.
THE London Marathon snakes within spitting distance of the street where I grew up.
And within spitting distance of where the Warner's patrons once sat and munched popcorn while watching films, Foothills Theatre patrons watched live productions from 1987 to 2009 in the theater behind Filene's.
I've feasted on the bounty of fabulous small farms that thrive within spitting distance of the Golden Horseshoe's concrete.
We could now see a man convicted of the most shocking of crimes freed to live a life within spitting distance of the crime scene in Huddersfield and there are real fears that will increase community tension".
On a mock charge the bear raises its hackles, snarls, pops its teeth and then comes straight at you at 30 mph, only to come to a screeching halt within spitting distance.
For a month last summer she crawled over and up the ice and rock of the mighty Ngozumpa glacier in Nepal, almost within spitting distance of Mount Everest.