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On the big occasion I am a proven performer and with no team support I finished within spitting distance of a medal.
Within the last 12 months, to my knowledge, three more licences have been granted for the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises, bringing the total to six outlets on the Square and at least a further four within spitting distance.
We're all terrified that a maniac has been doing this within spitting distance of our kids' playground.
We have enough shops selling cheap alcohol already - I would say at least 12 within spitting distance.
With six races gone the scores were level at 18-18 despite Stonehewer being denied what would have been an easy win in heat three when his engine seized within spitting distance of the finish line.
More magic moments in print about the world's oldest privately-owned motoring company: the latest book on Morgan comes from Martyn Webb, who lives within spitting distance of the famous Malvern Link, Worcestershire outfit.
You would think that the only place worthy of redevelopment in this vast city of ours was within spitting distance of the Mersey.
To celebrate the unique event of the centenary of the country's first marathon, Coventry Godiva Harriers are organising the N P Aerospace Marathon Tour of Coventry and Warwickshire, five races in as many days (April 27, May 2-5) covering the full marathon distance, two of the stages being within spitting distance of the original 1908 route (in Allesley and near Meriden).
But, perching on the speakers, and within spitting distance of his most fervent fans, Ricky Wilson wears his tambourine on his head like a crown, and justifiably so.
25 billion statewide as of June 30, have come within spitting distance of market leader Regions Bank, and the Fayetteville-chartered bank also has been sweeping across the Oklahoma plains.
The new seats, part of a $20 million renovation to the 43-year-old stadium, brought fans within spitting distance of the playing field.
Where else in Birmingham can you sit down to a pounds 3 sarnie on a sunny terrace, overlooking the beautiful St Martin's Church and within spitting distance of great shops?