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The curse of St Withold upon these infernal porkers
Now by the lusty yew bow of good Saint Withold," cried the stranger, "that is a shot indeed, and never saw I the like in all my life before
He said: "It would be crazy for the Department of Health to withold money, purely because we won't agree to unachievable targets.
Trump has called NATO "obsolete" and threaned to withold support if European members do not spend more of their national budget on defense spending, even as some nations have expressed fears over Russia possibly violating international law within their borders, such as with the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.
If the bonds do not circulate and banks withold selling, there may not be much liquidity," says Killol Pandya, Head (Fixed Income) at Peerless Mutual Fund.
Railway Will Withold 10 Percent Of Material Cost As Guarntee Or Bank Guarantee Of Eqiuvalent Value As Per Stores Purchase Rule For Successful Warranty Obligation Which Will Be Returned After Competion Of Warranty Period.
The appellate court held that the Speedy Trial Act "confers no authority in a court to withold exclusion of time pursuant to a DPA based on concerns that the government should bring different charges or should charge different defendants.
But above all I resent that Cameron and his henchmen choose to withold the money that you and I give willingly to help the most vulnerable people in this country.
With this, the two prelates urged the justices "to listen to their consciences and pay close heed to the essential Christian values of mercy and compassion, as they decide whether to grant or withold the fundamental right of liberty to that solitary individual.
On Congress' accusation over Government's reported move to withold Subramaniam's name as Supreme Court judge, the union minister responded saying, " I want to gently remind that about forty years ago emergency was imposed, how were judges superseded and what kind of havoc was created with the institution judiciary is too well-known.
Wales coach Warren Gatland after English Premiership clubs threaten to withold players from Wales' trial match.
More than a third of miners did not withold labour.