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The curse of St Withold upon these infernal porkers
Now by the lusty yew bow of good Saint Withold," cried the stranger, "that is a shot indeed, and never saw I the like in all my life before
But above all I resent that Cameron and his henchmen choose to withold the money that you and I give willingly to help the most vulnerable people in this country.
John Gainor commented: "The decentralized computing wave is now a tsunami withold models built around command and control hierarchies imploding and this is bullish for alternative mediums of exchange like AUREALS(TM) and of course the worlds most trusted store of value, Gold.
On Congress' accusation over Government's reported move to withold Subramaniam's name as Supreme Court judge, the union minister responded saying, " I want to gently remind that about forty years ago emergency was imposed, how were judges superseded and what kind of havoc was created with the institution judiciary is too well-known.
Wales coach Warren Gatland after English Premiership clubs threaten to withold players from Wales' trial match.
More than a third of miners did not withold labour.
Obscene plan to withold medicine WHAT on earth is really going on in Britain 2014?
Certainly in the case of California - of course it's a different funding regime - they withold public money in hospitals that don't meet them.
A bill recently signed by US President, Barack Obama proposes to withold USD 33 million from assistance to Pakistan on account of Dr Afridi's detention.
Resnick pointed out that where as electoral violations and corruption often impel the donors to act (G19 donor strike in Mozambique), the example of Malawi's 2012 human rights crisis is an example showing that these are mostly not enough to move donor groups to withold aid in order to prevent erosion or breakdown.
2 (56/90) Scenario 5 % (number agree) Resource limitations and priority setting (1 ICU to ICU admission bed available), withold or withdraw ICU care?