without aid

See: helpless
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Whereby it is manifest that the northern tract of the world, is in nature the more martial region: be it in respect of the stars of that hemisphere; or of the great continents that are upon the north, whereas the south part, for aught that is known, is almost all sea; or (which is most apparent) of the cold of the northern parts, which is that which, without aid of discipline, doth make the bodies hardest, and the courages warmest.
It was a fine September evening, just before sunset, when yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines, and the atmosphere itself forms a prospect without aid from more solid objects, except the innumerable winged insects that dance in it.
He noted that Sudan alone had to bear the financial and economic burdens resulting from the north-south peace process without aid from the international community, adding that the secession of South Sudan in 2011 took a heavy toll on his country's economy.
We must secure the delivery of aid without discrimination and based on humanitarian principles," he said and warned that without aid the country will be left to the mercy of terrorist groups like ISIL.
Greeceand its EU/IMF creditors have been locked in talks for months on a cash-for-reforms deal and pressure is growing for a deal, sinceAthensrisks default without aid from a bailout programme that expires on June 30.
In some areas, interruptions of humanitarian operations have left thousands of people without aid for months.
He and his young helper did the humping without aid of wheels or trolleys and my bad back was most impressed.
Some 50,000 children under the age of five are already suffering from severe malnourishment and UNICEF warned that could balloon to 200,000 without aid from the UN agency.
That confirmed the position and she was seen walking puppies and undertaking tasks walking without aid or assistance.
Worldwide, countless children suffer without aid, and Johnny Carr presents ideas on what they can do to help these children through political movements all the way up to adoption itself.
We don't know how we can continue without aid programs for food, heating, rents, school grants and medicine and that is why at the start of the 40-day Lent we have drafted this letter to document some aspects of the tragedy in the country," Lahham said.
Palestine Briefing by Martin Linton/ A minister called on Israel yesterday to lift the five-year economic blockade of Gaza so that Palestinians can exploit their offshore gasfield in the Mediterraean and eventually pay their own way without aid from the international community.