without animation

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All lightness of spirit and body having departed from me at the touch of officialdom, I looked at the scribe without animation and asked in my turn wearily:
He declared without animation "I would like to break his neck.
Certainly," he said, without animation, secretly strung up but perfectly sure of himself.
He did so from the dugout, uncharacteristically without animation and with a phone clamped to his ear.
The figurines' rigidity in the face of what is happening to them--a figuration without animation, and thus drained of humanity--provides an unsettling edge to the video.
Therefore, try to avoid the use of live wallpapers and use the ones without animation.
Lowe Asia (India) has produced this commercial that falls short in creating vibrancy as the ad is rendered without animation or any metaphorical stimuli.
The students who read the computer presentation of storybooks with animation showed significantly higher recall scores than those who read the computer presentation of storybooks without animation and the traditional print version of storybooks.
Mongni from ArtPQ and Yoohoo and Friends from Aurora World are two of the characters that have been seen internationally at licensing shows without animation, and the high level of brand recognition built up now sees Yoohoo taking the first steps to the TV screen.
When we talk about things like set extension, creating disasters and there is another film of our company called 'Tum Miley' in which they are recreating the 26 July floods and to recreate something like this would be impossible in today's day and age without animation.
Therefore, avoid the use of live wallpaper and use ones without animation.