without assent

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Without assent from its regions and linguistic communities, Belgium cannot sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Ceta) at a planned EU-Canada summit on Thursday to be attended by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Summary: The right to vote in elections in a country that remains an absolute monarchy, where they still may not work nor travel without assent from a male relative, nor drive a car, may seem a small step for the women of Saudi Arabia.
It would be preposterous even to try a thumbnail sketch of the motley collection of positions encompassed by the general concept of "skepticism" (positions which include therapeutic, hypothetic, externalist and substantive versions (18)), of the subtle strategies deployed by the skeptics in order to prove that the conditions established by Stoicism to define "knowledge" [we know that p if (i) p is true, (ii) it is caused by the fact which is its object in the relevant way, and (iii) it cannot be false, that is, we have conclusive reasons which rule out the possibility of believing that p while it is false] cannot be met, or of the skeptics' attempts to cope with the charge of being a self refuting stance and to clarify how it is possible to live without assent.
According to Stojancevska, he shamelessly and without assent from the chiefs of the university came up with a genius idea to divide the university in five parts.
Nonetheless, Aquinas insisted that reason can only confirm that said vision is possible given the nature of the human intellect, and while this can not be in vain, nonetheless, the "whether" and "how" of such attainment remains enigmatic without assent to revelation.
According to the Stoa, action cannot take place without assent being given to an impression.