without authority

References in classic literature ?
It was assumed by agreement between the Legislatures of the several States, and their delegates in Congress, without authority from or consultation of the people at all.
But Doctor Kimble (country apothecaries in old days enjoyed that title without authority of diploma), being a thin and agile man, was flitting about the room with his hands in his pockets, making himself agreeable to his feminine patients, with medical impartiality, and being welcomed everywhere as a doctor by hereditary right--not one of those miserable apothecaries who canvass for practice in strange neighbourhoods, and spend all their income in starving their one horse, but a man of substance, able to keep an extravagant table like the best of his patients.
This nerved me to get rid of Mary Anne, who went so mildly, on receipt of wages, that I was surprised, until I found out about the tea-spoons, and also about the little sums she had borrowed in my name of the tradespeople without authority.
They will beat me to the south end of the station if I come without authority.
The Provost of St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, Dundee, denies writing cheques without authority for pounds 71,916 from St Andrew's Businessmen's Association.
Lord Trimble said: "To sit as leader in a party where the party expels his wife without giving her any hint of due process is someone without authority in his own organisation.
by officers Ronald Knoll, Jose Milletti and Everett Moody and charged with using a motor vehicle without authority, receiving stolen property valued at more than $250, failure to appear upon recognizance and violating an abuse prevention order.
He witnessed debt collectors abusing their powers to cheat members of the public out of hundreds of pounds for unpaid parking fines, take people's belongings illegally and clamp cars without authority.
In 1999, federal prosecutors obtained a conviction on three environmental counts, two of which were dismissed last week by Judge Winmill, who stated that the federal statutes had been "supplanted by Idaho's own hazardous waste laws, leaving the (federal) Government without authority to pursue the RCRA Claims," according to Colvin.
He was also charged with use of a motor vehicle without authority and speeding.
At Prestatyn Magistrates' Court yesterday, Kyle Gilmour, 18, pleaded guilty to possessing the spray without authority.
South Grafton, was charged with unlawfully transporting pests, interfering with pest control and carrying away timber of another without authority after a clerk's hearing yesterday in Central District Court.