without base

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We may take it then that an army without its baggage-train is lost; without provisions it is lost; without bases of supply it is lost.
Tenders are invited for swelore make pump without base frame and motor.
Finally, compatibility of inflatable seatbelts with carrier without base installations was studied.
Managing director Steve Rosher said: "We are pleased that the tribunal found all bar one of the accusations made by the claimant to be without base.
This clarification is not without base a base upon which Punjab lived for centuries.
Two set of simulations are performed with (MANET-W and WSN-W) and without Wi-Max base station (MANET and WSN) and without base station scenario tested with AODV only [in the simulation it was named as MANET-W (with Wi-Max)].
Their topics include the effectiveness of seismic retrofit for stone masonry structures, the structural performance evaluation of a Japanese historical landmark built in the Taisho period, non-destructive testing techniques applied to the masonry and timber structures of the Crocifisso Church in Noto, an experimental study of strengthening a heritage structure with self-compacting concrete, and the numerical simulation of the dynamic and earthquake behavior of Greek post-Byzantine churches with and without base isolation.
Airless containers are now available in oval and square designs, single--and double-wall bottles with and without base plates, collars and over caps.
The structure was put to the test in April and May 2012, first through a progressively vigorous shaking with and without base isolation, then with a controlled burn simulating a post-quake fire.
Any talk on the government's committal of atrocities or outlawed acts in South Kordofan remains an allegation without base and will not be taken into account," AL-Muruoah was quoted by the country's official news agency SUNA.
Such broad-scale, long-term research would be very difficult to maintain without base research fund allocation and an established research infrastructure.