without base

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We may take it then that an army without its baggage-train is lost; without provisions it is lost; without bases of supply it is lost.
Two set of simulations are performed with (MANET-W and WSN-W) and without Wi-Max base station (MANET and WSN) and without base station scenario tested with AODV only [in the simulation it was named as MANET-W (with Wi-Max)].
Their topics include the effectiveness of seismic retrofit for stone masonry structures, the structural performance evaluation of a Japanese historical landmark built in the Taisho period, non-destructive testing techniques applied to the masonry and timber structures of the Crocifisso Church in Noto, an experimental study of strengthening a heritage structure with self-compacting concrete, and the numerical simulation of the dynamic and earthquake behavior of Greek post-Byzantine churches with and without base isolation.
Any talk on the government's committal of atrocities or outlawed acts in South Kordofan remains an allegation without base and will not be taken into account," AL-Muruoah was quoted by the country's official news agency SUNA.
Such broad-scale, long-term research would be very difficult to maintain without base research fund allocation and an established research infrastructure.
Sixty-four tickets were for DUIs, which is an automatic year without base driving privileges, at least.
Rising unemployment and office vacancies coupled with new office buildings coming to market are driving a "let's make a deal" mentality amid fears of a worsening future, to the point where some brokerages are offering tenants a year without base rents, seeking only to cover operating expenses.
The other group took a potassium chloride supplement, which provided the same amount of potassium but without base.
Mobile phones don't work without base stations, commonly known as 'masts'.
For active-duty Airmen with past Air Force experience, they must get accustomed to living without base support functions.
It is important to remember that without base stations in places where people want to use their phones they will not work.
Bachman built this pouch to accommodate original style magazines without base pads, but on special order, he can build it to suit your specific magazines.