without bearings

See: lost
References in classic literature ?
Kill, then, the man you have before you, for that man will never return to him who has sent him without bearing with him the deposit which Charles I.
Perhaps I might have renounced it; perhaps my hideous thought would have withered in my brain, without bearing fruit.
Encoders come as separate rotor/stator units without bearings or as fully housed and sealed assemblies for severe duty use complete with support bearings.
Without bearings or seals to worry about, the mixer can run dry.
Afterwards, one has a better understanding of what it is like to be a stranger in a strange land, a misfit in one's own home, an unwelcome guest without bearings or a simple wanderer savouring the delights of other cultures.
Unlike other VADs, this one uses a fully magnetically suspended rotor to help pump blood, allowing it to operate without bearings or other moving parts that wear out and can damage blood.
The new electronic fuel pumps are engineered without bearings, electrical contacts or diaphragms --a design intended to reduce fatigue and wear.
5 bar) is again designed without bearings or seals so the operational benefits associated with all the Serfilco vertical pumps are again featured.
Frameless direct drive rotary motors are provided as a separate rotor and stator without bearings.
When placed in new surroundings without bearings on where to find caribou, for example, some groups lose a sense of purpose; alcoholism rates are often higher among these groups.
Perhaps in a future world, there will be a new basis for hope and meaning; but for now, the Post modernist cognoscenti find themselves adrift without bearings.