without bias

See: fairly
References in classic literature ?
Chichely might be the very coroner without bias as to the coats of the stomach, but he had not meant to be personal.
To enable him to do which, without bias and with perfect freedom, I shall go out of town for a week.
Anyone without bias can see that President Duterte has made positive efforts since assuming office to combat drug-related crimes as well as terrorism, develop the national economy, and improve people's livelihood, which have effectively protected and promoted the Philippine people's fundamental rights to security and development," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said in a press briefing Monday.
He, however, urged journalists to report accurate stories they gather from INEC offices in the state without bias.
Dear Cooncil, when debate is brewin', And mony worthy causes queuin', Judge without bias - or pooh-poohin'.
President Al-Bashir stressed that the Public Prosecution shall work for realizing its duties and commitment without bias or political, ethical, social and religious discrimination.
Our mission provide municipal facilities without bias, Chairman said.
What I am trying to say is that, beneath these material things that have come to clothe our sexuality, let us look at one another without bias.
His topics include structure of research papers, writing without bias, reference citations within the text, and practice in writing treatment plans.
July 2017) I care about whether they can write clearly, interestingly and without bias (except in marked opinion pieces) while keeping the reader's interest.
The company's tSMS amplification-free technology enables direct parallel sequencing of millions of individual molecules while precisely reflecting sample composition without bias and loss of diversity via a simple, integrated workflow and benchtop instrument design.
The interior minister stressed that application of the rule of law without bias or discrimination would provide the proper environment to reduce crime and criminal phenomena that required a cooperative social effort involving all official institutions and grassroots organisations.