without blame

See: blameless
References in classic literature ?
Strangers, acquaintances, friends even who could not look at her as we looked, if she had been shown to them in the first days of her rescue from the Asylum, might have doubted if she were the Laura Fairlie they had once seen, and doubted without blame.
But if you, being so full of learning, Mas'r Davy, could think of anything to say as might bring her to believe I wasn't greatly hurt: still loving of her, and mourning for her: anything as might bring her to believe as I was not tired of my life, and yet was hoping fur to see her without blame, wheer the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest - anything as would ease her sorrowful mind, and yet not make her think as I could ever marry, or as 'twas possible that anyone could ever be to me what she was - I should ask of you to say that - with my prayers for her - that was so dear.'
She leaves me without blame, and she will live so I am sure.
Speaking on French TV after hosting a G-7 summit, Macron also acknowledged that Europe, by importing soya from Brazil, is not entirely without blame for the agricultural pressure on the rainforest, saying: "We are partly complicit."
Of course, the banks are not without blame for this as in the good old days they would overvalue properties to justify giving big loans to customers.
Many passages in the book are plainspoken and marked by compassion, and difficult moments are relayed without blame or regret.
There can be no split without blame. That's human nature.
Princess Diana told Prince William everything without blame and anger so it would be easier for him to accept it.
He urged Modi-led Indian government to stop a dirty and malicious campaign against the innocent Kashmiri Muslims in different parts of the country to win 2019 elections and be serious to settle the Kashmir dispute by peaceful talks with Pakistan and Kashmiris without blame game.
City were undoubtedly second best during the opening quarter of the tie and Guardiola wasn't without blame.
If your spouse is open to an open conversation, without blame or guilt, share as much as possible about the magnitude the problem.
Hughes responded to that accusation by saying he was "not without blame", but added that others "need to look closer to home at times".