without choice

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Just like every plant and creature does without choice or cognition.
I think it is sad more people are not offended by the prospect of working-class women working into their 70s in poor health and without choice.
Our women have been doing that for centuries, and continue to do so today, in love and war, sometimes without choice.
In a market that has been largely without choice, Curo Speech delivers a customer interaction option that meets the needs of the growing enterprise.
The irony remains that the archetypal Welsh Mam is perceived as queen of her household, the matriarch of her clan, yet hers was a life of economic dependency, poverty, chronic ill-health and relentless childbearing without choice.
Without choice, all the talk just appears self-serving.
Group policyholders who are offered a choice of plans scored 70 and are apparently more satisfied than those without choice (65).
When we lose colleges and universities like Sweet Briar, an institution of about 800 women in rural Virginia, we take one step closer to a vanilla, prescribed higher education system without choice.
According to a 2012 Florida Bar Foundation report, the actual amount that is redistributed without choice by the clients every year is about $7 million.
This is 2014 but this draconian measure feels like 1814 where people who don't fit into mainstream society are punished and forced into a life without choice, without a voice to protest and that is why we are here today, to be their advocate, their voice.
We have to accept without choice the invasion of thousands from Europe.
Unlike Aicha, these youth are not university graduates- and indeed we might question whether the experiences of youth are really the same across Africa but Honwana rightly emphasizes youth as a state without choice and of feeling exploited.