without companions

See: solitary
References in classic literature ?
Everything on earth that we loved had been washed away into the great, infinite, unknown ocean, and here were we marooned upon this desert island of a world, without companions, hopes, or aspirations.
Yes, one's voyage must be made absolutely without companions through ice and black water--towards what goal?
A DOH staff is assigned to patients without companions to assist, conduct follow-ups, and aid them to and from the hospital and to their place of residence once their treatment is done and they have fully recovered.
Children must always be accompanied by parents and those without IDs must not go around without companions.
C[pounds sterling]They refuse to send someone to look after those Ethiopian HIV patients without companions, whereas the Somali Embassy does do this.
Because of station illnesses Jukuna and her family set out to return to their home in the south but without companions they had to give the plan up.
Faced with a feast of bacteria, some strains of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans prefer to munch their microbial meals without companions, while members of other strains swarm into writhing dinner parties.
Those attending without companions can obtain tickets for P1,000 donation.