without company

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She shut herself up there, without company, and without even a servant, and so abjured and forsook the world.
'I am much better without company, even if there were any one but you to bear me company, my dear Helena.'
We remained there undisturbed during the Winter; and on the first day of May, 1770, my brother returned home to the settlement by himself, for a new recruit of horses and ammunition, leaving me by myself, without bread, salt or sugar, without company of my fellow creatures, or even a horse or dog.
Do not travel with large amounts of money or without company. Verify the regular operation of the airlines with which he contracted his flights for internal travel in Brazil.
Percy is totally gorgeous, he is very affectionate and loving and adores human company, this he does take to the extreme - don't expect ever to visit the bathroom without company again if you adopt young Percy!
So even though his mother came up pleading with him to come home and back into regular village life, he stayed there in the mountains -- freezing cold, without company, he died up there in the snow clutching his trumpet.
Holmes was able to partner her company with Walgreens in an effort to open wellness centers at the phannacy chain, enabling patients to come in and order their own blood tests a la carte, without company representatives ever actually seeing the Edison work.
"Life on the road, month after month, can be a very lonely place without company. And we were away on tour for five, six months at a time as one of the biggest rock bands in the world."
Dogs, unlike cats, are social animals, and generally do not do well without company.
It wasn't misfortune that saw Giroud rise with majesty but without company. It was good football, sure.