without compulsion

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Then all was peace, all friendship, all concord; as yet the dull share of the crooked plough had not dared to rend and pierce the tender bowels of our first mother that without compulsion yielded from every portion of her broad fertile bosom all that could satisfy, sustain, and delight the children that then possessed her.
There are the acts signed; I deliver them to you without compulsion.
According to him, compliance had increased following educational services for as to the significance of paying taxes without compulsion , they expected to raise Sh10 trillion compared to a year ago in which TRA gathered eight trillion shillings and in 2011 where it raised only four trillion shillings in tax earnings.
The vigor of the way they see, their naivet, persuades without pressuring, is compassionate without compulsion, helps us to get up and start over, wherever we have failed or fallen.
Oregon law defines RMV for property tax assessment purposes as "the amount in cash that could reasonably be expected to be paid by an informed buyer to an informed seller, each acting without compulsion in an arm's-length transaction occurring as of the assessment date for the tax year" Of the three recognized methods for valuing property, the court viewed the sales comparison method as the most appropriate method for valuing residential property.
There are many religious texts that advocate honoring human beings regardless of their religion and speaking in defence of the right to choose one's faith without compulsion.
On day two, many students reappeared having clearly spent much of the previous evening working on their poems--for many of them, choosing to go away and write in their own time, without compulsion from school, was a new experience.
Without compulsion or legislative requirement S4C has played an enormous part in the development of the Welsh language and the culture of Wales.
The near impossibility of achieving virtue without compulsion of some sort is evident in Aristotle's example of lyre playing, (19) which we may translate into the more modern example of piano playing and elaborate as follows.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: ``The Turner Commission's first report made clear that it would be hard to solve the pensions problem without compulsion.
Yet the tide is turning in our direction and the Turner commission's first report made clear that it would be hard to solve the pensions problem without compulsion.
Freemasons will happily declare their membership without compulsion whenever Freemasonry is relevant to the matter under consideration, but object to beingsingled out.