without concern

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Like the hosts of more learned thinkers before her, she concluded that the universe was unmoral and without concern for men.
"We continue to prioritize operational and delivery reliability to allow our partners to focus on mitigating the impact of this production adjustment without concern. We have full confidence in Boeing and its global engine supply chain to continue building on momentum gained over the last year to meet the historic ramp up for this important aircraft."
More fundamentally, we are now seeing an ideological left-wing Government that wants to regulate or tax every issue that comes up without concern for the unintended consequences it might create.
As He gives them power and authority to perform these actions, He also instructs them on how to conduct themselves with utmost humility and without concern for where and how they will meet their basic needs.
If he'd had complete freedom to act without concern for the political consequences, what would he have done?
The prelate said while fasting is a good way to observe Lent, but without concern it is nothing.
"I often get abused and it is dangerous for members of the public to treat the driveway as a public space without concern about my family."
On the other hand, Makram assured that illegal immigrants have the right to vote in the upcoming presidential election, arguing for them to vote without concern or fear.
It is a fact that no State in our country is more dependent on the generosity of the central government for its financial health than Andhra Pradesh, as irrational reorganisation of Andhra Pradesh State by the UPA Government without concern for the economic and financial consequences has left Andhra Pradesh with a revenue deficit of Rs 16,079 crores in the first ten months of its existence," the letter reads.
The film tells the timeless story of a greedy wife in a dysfunctional family, a suspense drama that portrays the life of a selfish woman who married for economic interest, without concern for the upbringing of their children and love for her husband.
"Across 2 years of study, no significant differences due to pruning time were observed, so growers can confidently continue early pruning of both northern-adapted cultivars and, more importantly, the newer hybrid cultivars without concern of affecting winter hardiness," says Ehlenfeldt.
Their small size allows direct mounting on small extruders, micro-molders, and 3D printers without concern for moisture regain at drying levels below 50 ppm.