without conditions

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I had made up my mind to do a lot of college requirement work in the summer, and to enter the freshman class at the university without conditions in the fall.
And in proof that he fears nothing, that he counts on nothing, he will restore Monsieur de Mazarin to your majesty without conditions. Behold, madame!
Without conditions, and under present circumstances, the girl is quite misplaced here and had better go.
The regulatory authorities in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada had approved the planned merger earlier, also each without conditions. Subject to the integration planning, Bertelsmann and Pearson are confident about being able to close the transaction in July 2013.
The rights would only be available without conditions after 18 months, meaning Britbox may get a six-month head start on rivals such as Netflix.
And we call on the Cuban regime to release all political prisoners, immediately and without conditions.
PEF states: "Basic income would be a weekly or monthly payment to every person lawfully resident in the UK, paid without conditions or means tests.
AS Nigerians workers join their counterparts all over the world to celebrate this year's worker's day, the Chief Whip, Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Rotimi Abiru has called on all stakeholders across the country, including Federal and state governments, among others to strictly implement the payment of N30,000 new minimum wage to workers across the board without conditions.
Tele2 AB (Stockholm:TEL2A), a European telecommunications operator, on Monday, in response to the media speculation about the merger between Tele2 and T-Mobile in the Netherlands, confirmed that it remains optimistic that the European Commission (EC) will approve the Dutch merger, without conditions.
The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission.
Tribune News Service IN two seemingly unrelated foreign policy developments last week, spy photos established that North Korea is still building intercontinental ballistic missiles despite President Donald Trump's assurances that it was"no longer a nuclear threat" after his summit with leader Kim Jong-un in June; and Trump has offered to talk with another of America's nemeses, Iran,"whenever they want" and without conditions. These events aren't as unrelated as they look, though.
"Many lives in Syria could have easily been saved if humanitarian assistance was delivered timely and without conditions.