without consequence

References in classic literature ?
Life was insignificant and death without consequence.
Prest that I would make love to her; but it had been a joke without consequences and I had never said it to Tita Bordereau.
Before the debate, Trump's campaign appeared to be spiraling out of control after the release of a 2005 recording in which he boasted in explicit terms about how his celebrity allowed him to sexually assault women without consequence.
Ada was left to survive on her own, and while her survival made her a celebrity, that celebrity did not come without consequence.
Dinners, barbecues and house viewings drift by in a honey-hued haze of charm and nostalgia without consequence or friction.
But their storage capacities are limited and the absorption of carbon dioxide is not without consequence.
He said that "the impunity granted to Israel allows it to act without consequence.
This is Britain, we are taught to respect other people's property and not swan around doing as we please without consequence.
Circuit--has rarely been used, allowing agencies to miss the required federal authorization deadline without consequence.
This latest attack provides further confirmation of the culture of hatred and racism espoused by the settlers who enjoy full immunity, which has given them confidence that they can attack mosques, churches, trees, cars, homes as well as our own people without consequence.
The status quo where buyers can change the deal and cut prices without consequence is fundamentally wrong and must change.
In a bid to calm the waters, acting chairman Peter Pannu has flown back to the Far East after reminding everyone that Blues' previous owners were once put on bail for a period without consequence.