without cost

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References in classic literature ?
An exhibition instrument was placed in his house, without cost, in 1878, while he was still a member of Congress.
Leave us alone, then, and you will enjoy a little amusement without cost to yourselves.
In all this I of course acquiesced, and looked forward with no little interest to the return of the conquerors, whose victory I feared might not have been purchased without cost to themselves.
In this way, the State would receive without cost or vexatious hindrances an enormous revenue under three forms; namely, a duty on wine, on the cultivation of vineyards, and on licenses, where now an irritating array of taxes existed as a burden on itself and its officials.
But without cost of GI wire under Kalyanpur Sub Division.
It agreed with portions of the rule that would limit the exemption to nonprofit organizations and said that the rule should make it easy for women to obtain contraceptives through a thirdparty provider and without cost.
The software will be standard in new systems and is available without cost as an update to existing systems.
County's relegation escape journey got back on track last night, but the clear-cut win against the Conference South's bottom club was not without cost.
He was able to get apple seeds without cost from the cider mills of Pennsylvania (the seeds were usually tossed as garbage).
In the 1950s and 1960s, America discovered that the benefits of wealth and innovation generated by its formidable industrial output were not completely without cost.
It is for a term of five years and is pre-payable after 18 months without cost or yield maintenance.