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Any trade agreement with the US which allows for the import of food and drugs produced without current EU standards and protections will threaten the viability of our smallscale farmers and food producers; they simply could not compete with the mega-farms and giant corporations of the US.
As a consequence, the technological process is disrupted, due to lack of funds, the equipment remains without current and major repairs.
Tenders are invited for install after-market bluetooth connectivity in vehicles without current existing installation.
Then each day prior to a race, I run a routing and see how that plots with and without current so I can get a feel for the current influence.
Compiling and analyzing the data took thousands of computer hours to complete, and could not have been possible without current sophisticated software and terabytes of hard drive space.
She said on Twitter: "Very sorry Catherine's leaving but understand reasons, it's incredibly difficult even without current negativity.
Wales are without current first-choice props Gethin Jenkins and Samson Lee through injury for their final Six Nations game against Italy in Rome on Saturday, while experienced Bath loosehead Paul James is also injured.
Without current source output capability, test engineers would either have to purchase extra source and measurement units (SMU) or design extra current source circuitries to support this feature.
And while we know that employers without current earned paid sick time standards will incur some additional cost, experience in other cities shows the overall cost to business to be small, less than 1 percent of payroll on average.
Except for persons who had six to nine health-care visits and for persons who had no usual place for health care, influenza vaccination was significantly higher among persons with current asthma than it was for those without current asthma across all other characteristics, including number of health-care visits in the past 12 months, racial/ethnic group, having a usual place for health care, ability to pay for prescription drugs, and family income adjusted for family size (Table 2).
It will be very difficult for any board, conal or class-wide, to recommend promotion for employees without current in-cone skills.
Books in the public domain -- without current copyrights -- are made available online to the public for free.