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The note was written on a rather untidy half-sheet, without date or address, but her hand was firm and free.
No UAE Pavilion would be complete without date palms, a major tenant of Emirati culture and tradition.
Other foods were also found without date coding and the board was told to make sure all items are clearly labelled.
Summary: Second round of peace talks between warring sides breaks off without making any progress and without date being set for third round.
Additionally, all MT 6 and MT 8 brake systems without date codes are being recalled.
Plant capacity to accumulate cadmium (Cd) was tested on corn, alfalfa and sunflower with and without date palm.
Dechacona missionum (Berg), URUGUAY: 1[male], without date, no information on host plant and collecting method (MACN).
21, 1769, is addressed to the scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani, the last letter, without date, but probably written in April 1796, the year of Caminer's death, is in another hand and addressed to an unidentified "Preg[evo]le Amico.
Third, the use of date stamping to distinguish comorbidities from complications changes hospitals' risk-adjusted outcomes and their ranking of performance relative to when risk-adjusted outcomes are calculated without date stamping (Glance et al.
This allows both point-of-sale labels (with or without date coding) and/or on-line printed information labels to be applied to product.
Without Date Effective type processing, users must place a flurry of yellow 'D-Day' sticky's on their workstation, then stay late or remember to come in early on that date, and hope they get all the account numbers entered correctly.
Take the worry out of field shots with Pentax's IQZoom l05WR (suggested list $367, with date back $402; street price without date back $200 to $250), a compact 35mm zoom camera with the highest water resistance (JIS Class V) of any comparable camera available today.