without date

See: sine die
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The note was written on a rather untidy half-sheet, without date or address, but her hand was firm and free.
Whereas the accused Waqar Aziz being chairman of Thrift Society issued the order of lease/allotment of shops, and the said orders are without date and diary numbers which is gross illegality on behalf of officers/officials of this office.
sup][1] However, according to a comprehensive English literature review (Medline and Embase databases) performed in July 2015, without date restriction by searching the term “steatocystoma “ combined with the terms “child”, “infant”, “pediatric”, and other related terms, to the best of our knowledge, only two cases of pediatric facial steatocystoma simplex have been described to date,[sup][2] suggesting that this condition also arises congenitally.
No UAE Pavilion would be complete without date palms, a major tenant of Emirati culture and tradition.
Other foods were also found without date coding and the board was told to make sure all items are clearly labelled.
Summary: Second round of peace talks between warring sides breaks off without making any progress and without date being set for third round.
Plant capacity to accumulate cadmium (Cd) was tested on corn, alfalfa and sunflower with and without date palm.
Dechacona missionum (Berg), URUGUAY: 1[male], without date, no information on host plant and collecting method (MACN).
Without date limiting, my screening of results takes longer.
In so far as the true intention was laid down in writing, then it was put into the pockets without date, not made public and this served / serves the will of the parties.
Cordoba Province: Arroyo Las Mojarras, N of San Roque Lake, at light, without date, 1 spec.
Tender data sent/accepted by shipper's first choice carrier without date and time changes.