without deductions

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Parliament will pass a law to pay back the municipalities all the telecommunications revenues the state owes them from 1994 to the present, without deductions.
On raising the pension and other benefits of retired Qataris, the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) affirmed that there was a suggestion for drafting a law to give retired locals a pension equal to the last salary drawn and without deductions.
Where the rental income is FDAP, the gross rental income is taxed at a flat rate of 30% without deductions, including depreciation and interest.
The court heard he induced staff to take part of their wages without deductions for tax and national insurance, and understated them on documents sent to the IR.
This is an addition to ensure that they have a clear mind, as their time off and wages would remain untouched similar to their colleagues working in the government and their allowances protected without deductions during their absence.
Some of the protesting workers had said they were asking for 50 dinars without deductions for visa fees.
He also proves that a tax system without deductions for net losses Pareto dominates a tax system with deductions for net losses.
Reclaim your cash from the tax office and ask for form IR 85 so interest is paid without deductions in future.
Cowen, delivering his speech in the Dail, said that off-course betting tax was to be halved to one per cent, with the recommendation that this be borne by bookmakers so that betting shop punters could bet without deductions.
911, 931 or 933), and without deductions for qualified tuition (Sec.
Part-time work: Students are allowed to earn up to pounds 4,745 a year tax-free, but if you want to receive your wages without deductions immediately, you will need to fill out a P38 exemption form.
The company then issues bills for the work undertaken and receives the money without deductions.