without defect

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Certainly it is foolish to try to quickly define the perfect online course; a course without defect and faultless.
Muscle lengths were measured as the average length of the three lines simulating each muscle at each degree of rotation and compared to that at the corresponding arm position for the normal shoulder without defect to quantify the percentage change in muscle length for each configuration.
will assess all major vehicle components including electrical systems, brake systems and drive train to ensure that these elements are working without defect or the possibility of major defect.
Ripple technology utilizes micro serrations in the knife edge to greatly reduce the cutting forces at the largest diameter of the cutting tool, thereby allowing the tool to pre-cut the part without defect.
PasTest2000 produces rapid, accurate results and will provide our customers with the peace of mind, and the necessary documentation that their heat exchanger plates are without defect, and in some cases reduces the possibility of a product recall.
The left tibia remained without defect to be used in the analysis of TBA (Figure 1).
Measuring results, suitable FFT spectrum analyses and their comparison have provided result that this experimental model have had the increase of impulse force 10, 15 up to maximum 20% and that this increase presents new condition in relation to the force without defect factor influence, default, impulse force which is relevant for the final choice and disposition for the system of vibroisolators.
The latter, my favourite, is an unlikely alliance between ultra fundamentalist Christians and a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who are striving to breed a completely red heifer without one white hair in order to fulfill Numbers 19:2: "Tell the people of Israel to bring you a red heifer without defect, in which there is no blemish .
This cycle gives some reference for the AE of the sample without defect or with the initial defect after the first pressure test.
In the first 107 patients, surgeons performed a retrocolic technique without defect closure.
Moreover, under Schultz, jurors may no longer be told that a product is presumed to be without defect and a manufacturer is presumed to have acted with reasonable care where the manufacturer complied with government standards.