without defense

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He doesn't miss when you're just shooting without defense.
They could create business segments without defense acquisition overhead to pursue prototype projects or recruit innovative commercial firms as subcontractors without imposing regulatory overhead through the flow down of otherwise mandatory contract clauses.
In this example, if the insured suffers a loss that exceeds the $25 million limit of the lead umbrella policy, but the second layer does not include a duty to defend clause, the insured could be left without defense costs coverage beyond the lead umbrella layer.
In a speech in Mashhad, Deputy Ali Motahari said, "Even the Prophet of Islam cannot say that someone's sentence will be heavy--to issue a ruling without a trial and without defense and without hearing their defense.
6 shows the graph of the time (in seconds) and the primary memory usage (in GB), and compares the proposed ESFD scheme with the various existing ones, viz, IP Puzzle, Hop count, and without defense schemes, for the attacked system.
According to Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 3-28, Defense Support of Civil Authorities, the primary characteristics of DSCA operations include military responsiveness to the authority of civilians and military departure when civil authorities are able to continue without defense support.
In Arsovski's view, there is no point to examine the decriminalization of the slander without, at the same time, providing: complete functioning of the law on access to information, collect the evidence in the processes for slander in an official and not private way and without defense mechanism by means of so-called reasonable measures.
Opting out of the system leaves the people close to you without defense or resources.
Given the anti-antiterror mood in Congress, the CIA wanted to know with precision what it can and cannot do with al Qaeda captives, lest its officials find themselves without defense in front of some Congressional committee.
Also today, a Canadian detainee fired his American lawyers, leaving him without defense counsel ahead of his trial.
The time is past when good men can remain silent, when obedience can segregate men from public risk, when the poor can die without defense.