without exaggeration

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But in a confederacy the people, without exaggeration, may be said to be entirely the masters of their own fate.
Tragic as that history seemed to her passionate and undisciplined mind, she told it truthfully and without exaggeration.
"Mrs Musgrove thinks all her servants so steady, that it would be high treason to call it in question; but I am sure, without exaggeration, that her upper house-maid and laundry-maid, instead of being in their business, are gadding about the village, all day long.
Dear little souls, they hate flattery, so they tell you; and when you say, "Ah, darling, it isn't flattery in your case, it's plain, sober truth; you really are, without exaggeration, the most beautiful, the most good, the most charming, the most divine, the most perfect human creature that ever trod this earth," they will smile a quiet, approving smile, and, leaning against your manly shoulder, murmur that you are a dear good fellow after all.
Everything was then viewed without metaphysics, without exaggeration, without magnifying glass, with the naked eye.
The unfortunate bee-hunter and his companions had become the captives of a people, who might, without exaggeration, be called the Ishmaelites of the American deserts.
Men and women sought different corners where they could lie unobserved, and from two to four it might be said without exaggeration that the hotel was inhabited by bodies without souls.
Russian NGO Sakhalin Watch, which has fought to release the whales, called Tuesday's release "without exaggeration, a huge environmental victory", achieved despite "signed contracts with Chinese buyers" for the Russian orcas.
Without exaggeration, the United States and the European Union are literally on the brink of a full-blown trade war that mirrors the on-going Sino-American trade conflicts.
Without exaggeration, civility has gotten worse in Oyo State in the last ten years.
Our grandkids have a way of describing everything they see or do as "the best ever," but I can, without exaggeration, say that the Pirates-Cubs game was one of my best ever.