without excuse

References in classic literature ?
While humanity is humanity, the woman is not utterly without excuse.
If he passed over ordinary scruples it would not be without excuse.
I have not enough,' you said, when you had more than you before possessed, and you committed a third crime, without reason, without excuse.
He absented himself from home; and when there, avoided her presence and that of her child, without excuse.
If we were obliged to go out such an evening as this, by any call of duty or business, what a hardship we should deem it;and here are we, probably with rather thinner clothing than usual, setting forward voluntarily, without excuse, in defiance of the voice of nature, which tells man, in every thing given to his view or his feelings, to stay at home himself, and keep all under shelter that he can; here are we setting forward to spend five dull hours in another man's house, with nothing to say or to hear that was not said and heard yesterday, and may not be said and heard again tomorrow.
Under such circumstances, although I was not many degrees more useful than the kitten, my idleness was not entirely without excuse.
He had insisted on plain answers, without excuses of any kind; he had carried his point as usual; and his departure the same morning had left him no chance of re-opening the question, even if his irritation against his wife had permitted him to do so.
He also denied possessing a knife at Loreburn Street Police Station without excuse, assaulting two officers, struggling and damaging a cover on a cell door.
For that decision I accept full responsibility, without exception, without excuse," he told a news conference, his voice near breaking.
He said: "For that decision, today I accept full responsibility without exception and without excuse.
This is a real problem that Muslims must confront, without excuse.
As a chairman I run my institution the way I see fit, when my members don't show up or my employees fail to report to work or are late, I determine genuine cases from those without excuse and ask for necessary action concerning pay cuts -- no one else," he said.