without exit

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An exchange offer with the holders of company notes, with or without exit consents to amend the terms of the indenture under which the notes were issued (the "Indenture"), use of cash on hand, and a combination of these options.
A common problem at the airport is that foreigners can't leave without exit clearances.
While children go to school hungry and communities lack clean drinking water in Canada, we have spent tens of billions of dollars in overseas conflicts and seem to be at war without exit.
Three former janitorial workers filed action against Target and NABM for false imprisonment, stating that they "were frequently locked in the business premises without exit keys and without a non-alarm exit available and against their will.
Without exit strategies, many of the firms that remained in the game were stuck with the investments they held, and thus no ability to raise more funds.
Chris, who has worked for a Libyan oil company and lived in the country for 20 years with his wife Urawan and two children, managed to get his family out without exit visas thanks to help from the Foreign Office.
The information in this report comes from several sources: CEP's survey of states that have mandatory exit exams, surveys of states without exit exams, media reports, state Web sites, and personal correspondence with state education officials.
Macedonia's candidate status is not achieved to be placed in a waiting room without exit.
According to an initial report it was a shot from a firearm with a frontal entry point without exit.
Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor continued, 'Ecumenicalism is like a road without exit.
Her environments, seemingly without exit, reveal the impasse of a blocked reality, where one enters and sinks into oneself, as in the corridor she constructed at the 2003 Venice Biennale or in her labyrinthine sequence of rooms at Manifesta in 2002.
It's like being on a superhighway without exit ramps: The speed is there but the firm soon runs out of fuel.