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With such precedents in mind, the framers of the United States Constitution directed the president to execute the laws without fail. The Republican Congress, however, has acted as a disinterested spectator while President Bush has stolen its legislative authority in plain view and exercised the tyrannical power of making, executing, and conclusively interpreting the law and the Constitution.
My drive home takes me along five miles of sweeping country curves, and every day without fail I see some fool flipped over in the shrubbery.
Commit to pay monthly requisitions within two weeks, without fail, instead of the usual four weeks which stretches to five or six weeks.
Yet he churns out his daily tirade without fail. If Mr Ross hates living in this country so much, why doesn't he emigrate?
A trusted friend, Herb Hillman has been there every month without fail to greet readers with sometimes hilarious, sometimes amusing, sometimes head-scratching contributions that help us to share a smile at our all too human foibles and frailties.
No matter who I play them for they are blown away without fail. The guitars are freakin' ridiculous--they go up, dawn, left, and right.
My hair needs washing daily without fail and I thought that maybe if I stopped using conditioner, I could avoid this.
Yet she proclaims and is in duty bound to proclaim without fail, Christ who is the way, the truth and the life (Jn.
I used to hear it every year without fail and others have remarked about it.
Above all, friends of the FCMM, old and new, answered the call without fail and sent their striking and unusual works.
For this reason, BANINTER makes sure its clientele, without fail, always receives great personal service at every one of its offices.