without favoritism

See: impartial
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Treating others and making decisions based on facts without favoritism or prejudice.
But we'll see if it's going to be implemented for everyone equally, without favoritism prevailing, as it always does.
Only a coalition of pluralists can succeed in building a democratic society where the majority rules, where minority rights are respected, and where individual rights are safe and the rule of law applies to all, without favoritism.
Regarding the religious books, he said, "Well, we send invitations to all kinds of publishing houses, without favoritism.
Such purity can be obtained only if the promotions are made on merit in accordance with law and Constitution, without favoritism or nepotism.
He further underlined the need to achieve justice and prosecute perpetrators of crimes without favoritism and discrimination.
If the Legislature and governor finally agree that slots are needed in Massachusetts, they should ensure that the legislation offers an evenhanded approach that permits any business entity to apply for a slots license, without favoritism or special rules for existing venues.
Create an environment that offers equal opportunity without favoritism.
Taxpayers need to be assured that their money is being spent wisely and without favoritism," Schatz continued.
If elected, Nathanson said she "will actively seek out business people to get their ideas on how the city can best help the business community - without favoritism - to create more jobs in existing businesses and to start new ones.
For the purpose of this article, succession planning will be defined as the strategic, systematic and deliberate effort to develop competencies in potential leaders through purposed learning experiences such as targeted rotations and educational training in order to fill high-level positions without favoritism.