without guile

See: ingenuous
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What we have divided we have divided," he seems to say in his gruff voice, this ruler without guile, who hurls as if in sport enormous masses of cloud across the sky, and flings the great waves of the Atlantic clear across from the shores of the New World upon the hoary headlands of Old Europe, which harbours more kings and rulers upon its seamed and furrowed body than all the oceans of the world together.
She knew that he loved her--a frank, blustering fellow without guile enough to conceal his feelings, and no desire to do so.
Notwithstanding the symptoms of habitual suspicion, his countenance was not only without guile, but at the moment at which he is introduced, it was charged with an expression of sturdy honesty.
They were commonplace, earnest, without smiles and without guile.
Burns, while still acting captain, had hastened to sign a charter-party which in an ideal world without guile would have been an excellent document.
You are described by references from your church as having a happy and cheerful disposition and the Bishop says you seem to be without guile or malice.
Too much of the Rangers play was speculative and one dimensional, without guile, craft or cutting edge and they were hoisted by their own petard when Richard Foster attempted to start a move with another long punt.
In the community, he is known as a "man without guile.
Shellfish are comparatively slow of movement, without guile, pitifully trusting, and very easily caught.
Dennis was so utterly without guile, so joyful, so ravenous for knowledge.
At the moment, Sunderland look like a team without guile, imagination and flair.