without issue

See: barren
References in classic literature ?
He was still a bachelor at the later period when his eldest brother's death without issue placed him in possession of a handsome fortune.
Green pressed his claim and got the estates; the dispossessed nobleman shot himself and died without issue.
Our only course is to fight them with might and main; we had better chance it, life or death, once for all, than fight long and without issue hemmed in at our ships by worse men than ourselves.
These rooms, as he remembered, gave all three upon a common corridor as well, but there was a fourth, beyond them, without issue save through the preceding.
Refusing to be beaten Clinton then kicked off her sandals and continued barefoot without issue.
In most cases, a high eye pressure will resolve itself in a matter of days without issue, but in cases in which the pressure is significantly high, a person can experience symptoms of nausea and pain above the eyebrow.
Has been owned for over 24 years and proven to be self sufficient without issue.
The Falcon 7X was delivered on April 20, and according to Duncan Aviations Project Manager, Doyle Garrett, has been flying without issue ever since.
If Jolley were acting in his capacity as a private citizen, he could put up such a sign without issue," Brown wrote.
The Thomson Airways flight from Alicante to Birmingham Airport on May 5, 2015, landed safely without issue, despite the wind strength.
The flying pilot executed a dual engine landing per NATOPS without issue.
A number of city centre sites have been used without issue - but now they wish to redevelop a building on Grey Street.