without legal authority

See: illegally
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The health authorities also sealed several medical stores in Talash Bazaar for operating without legal authority.
In the dock, 21-year-old Bartolomiej Syjud, OFWOODSIDE Road, Gretna, pleaded not guilty to being in possession of a knife in Gretna without legal authority or reasonable excuse in June, 2016, and he was remanded in custody with trial fixed for later this month.
This does not include any place that is not a building fixed to the ground and that can be moved without being damaged; any building that is used as a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast establishment, hospital or the like; a serviced apartment for which services in addition to the supply of accommodation are provided; and any building built or converted without legal authority.
Salve had said if the answer to the two questions were in the affirmative, the court would have to deliberate on whether any unauthorised access to such communications or personal matters or particulars by any agency without legal authority violated Article 21 read with Articles 14, 19 and 25.
The Civil Service Unit upon Arnado's orders and without legal authority demolished Sambuat's shelters and took their possessions, the prosecution said.
c a killing in retaliation for an alleged offense, carried out without legal authority
He commented "We have slipped into this practice of universal leg shackles on in-custody accused without legal authority, or even argument of any kind".
Those districts that held summer school for students whose only issue was failing STAAR did so without legal authority to do so," said Ben Becker, chairman of the Committee to Stop STAAR, a grassroots group that sued the state over STAAR in May.
The petition read that Ayyan was a frequent international traveller (81 times) as evident from her travelling history and being a frequent traveller, she should have been fully aware of the prohibitions and restrictions for taking out such a huge quantity of foreign currency without legal authority.
The villagers were frequently assaulted by private security guards employed by the firm and there were even cases of people being handcuffed and detained against their will without legal authority.
Evamp & Sanga has exploited music labels without permission and without legal authority from Rockville Technologies
The mobile billboards have been sent to London boroughs as part of a pilot scheme aimed at immigrants without legal authority to remain in the UK.