without legal effect

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1, then, a pleading or motion that is signed by a litigant but not signed by a Virginia attorney who is representing the litigant fails to comport with the statute and the rules, and is without legal effect.
He has urged the SC to declare the bill null and void and without legal effect.
It also did not give weight to the commissioners' argument that only the courts, not the constitutional body, has the power to declare the contract void, inoperative and without legal effect.
Notes: oral or other interpretations or clarifications shall be without legal effect, even if made at a pre-proposal meeting - patt losiewicz, contract administrator, phone: 816-513-7632, fax: 816-513-7605, email: patt.
Justice Athar Minallah in his decision, announced on April 14 declared appointment of Dr Muhammad Aslam Afghani as Chief Executive Officer DRAP as illegal, void and without legal effect from the date of his appointment.
said Duterte should not substitute for DiAaAaAeA~o whose COC he claimed w void, legally inexistent, and without legal effect.
WASHINGTON -- Emboldened House Republicans issued a stern but symbolic rebuke to President Barack Obama over immigration Thursday, passing a bill declaring his executive actions to curb deportations ''null and void and without legal effect.
The plaintiffs sought a declaration that the Secretary's certificate was invalid and without legal effect, and that a further FEIR was required for further review under MEPA.
All of these restrictions have led many health care professionals, administrators, and even lawyers wrongly to maintain that a directive broader than the statute is without legal effect.
oral and other interpretations or clarifications will be without legal effect.
Dino wrote in his COC that he was running for mayor of Pasay City instead of for President, an error that Castor said made the document void, legally inexistent and without legal effect.