without legal sanction

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But Andhra Pradesh contended that Karnataka has been raising the height of the dam without legal sanction, and in violation of a 1974 tribunal award, accepted by both states.
Little recourse is possible where property is forcibly taken over or individuals thrown out of the region without legal sanction. This is no way to run a country or encourage foreign direct investment." I agree with the Kenyan writer that there are no strong courts in South Sudan that try disputes in a satisfactory manner.
Spielberg's heroes--though deeply disturbed by this fact--are assassins and bomb throwers, instructed not only to execute suspected terrorists without legal sanction but to wage a war of terror against their enemies.
Bill of Rights, that all freedoms--of speech, of the press, of assembly, of political association, from arbitrary arrest, from punishment without legal sanction, from unfair trial, even from torture--shall be taken away if "made necessary by the pursuit of the objectives of the Union."
The world is "not so much a system dominated by states and national governments as a congeries of spheres of authority (SOAs) that are subject to considerable flux and not necessarily coterminous with the division of territorial space." SOAs, "the analytic units of the new ontology," involve an actor or actors (with or without legal sanction) "who can evoke compliance when exercising authority as they engage in the activities that delineate the sphere." SOAs are variously reflected in literature about NGOs, nonstate actors, sovereignty-free actors, issue networks, policy networks, social movements, global civil society, transnational coalitions, transnational lobbies, and epistemic communities" (pp.
This effective lowering of the compulsory age (albeit without legal sanction) was introduced to help with the social, linguistic, and educational integration of migrant children, particularly from Portugal.