without limit

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The publicans are all obedience to their commands, never hesitating to let them run up scores without limit, knowing that, when their own money is expended, the purses of their employers must answer for the bill, or the voyage must be delayed.
That is the body of Chrysostom, who was unrivalled in wit, unequalled in courtesy, unapproached in gentle bearing, a phoenix in friendship, generous without limit, grave without arrogance, gay without vulgarity, and, in short, first in all that constitutes goodness and second to none in all that makes up misfortune.
We were three tipsy young gods, incredibly wise, gloriously genial, and without limit to our powers.
The old wanderlust had got into his blood, the joy of the unbound life, the joy of seeking, of hoping without limit. There were mishaps and discomforts--but at least there was always something new; and only think what it meant to a man who for years had been penned up in one place, seeing nothing but one dreary prospect of shanties and factories, to be suddenly set loose beneath the open sky, to behold new landscapes, new places, and new people every hour!
"You have a career before you," she whispered in his ear, "a future without limit; you will be deputy, minister!" (What happiness for an ambitious man when such things as these are warbled in his ear by the sweet voice of a pretty woman!) "Oh, yes!
Either she loves you without limits or--yet, if she loves you, why does she wish to marry you to another girl?
He said: "The only sentence I can impose on you is detention without limit of time."
What our reflection reveals is that as we know this one person through conceptual awareness, we also have within our consciousness a non-explicit awareness of being without limit. Our conceptual knowledge occurs against a horizon of being which escapes limits, definitions, and our attempts to grasp it intellectually.
The intent is to deprive the individual subject of any refuge from the power of the state, which--in Lenin's famous formulation--can then exercise "power without limit, resting directly on force." This process inevitably involves deception, since the objective is not merely to compel subjects to obey the state, but to induce them to surrender jurisdiction over their minds and souls as well.
This article outlines fundraising possibilities of this "smart codes" design for computer-controlled money, with financial accounts that can reproduce without limit, inheriting options and services and forming family trees.
Most astronomers now hold that the universe is accelerating without limit and becoming colder and colder, with the potential to burn out trillions of years from now.
Nine men held under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act, introduced by Mr Blunkett in response to the September 11 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, took their battle to the Lords after the Court of Appeal backed the Home Office's powers to detain them without limit or charge.