without meaning

References in classic literature ?
I think my mother-in-law must have helped me, without meaning to do it.
You shock Miss Garth; indeed, sir, without meaning it, you shock Miss Garth," remonstrated Mrs.
I haven't had a chance to look through all of them as they've been coming fast and thick, without meaning to sound big headed.
Without meaning to, Dykstra became an expert on widowhood.
I don't think India should dignify such comments about Kashmir with repeated attention because, our stand is clear and, Pakistan just sounds like a very troubled country which keeps on parroting the same thing without meaning and with no international acceptability," he added.
It sounds like a terrible thing to say, but anxiety is a really selfish thing, without meaning to be.
Working together with Goldman is a major step toward doing so, without meaning that a sale is inevitable.
Perhaps without meaning to, Max and Joshua started fierce debates on their Facebook page just by creating an account.
Without meaning disrespect to Kharge, he is certainly not the way forward.
It even makes me irritable during school because it's always on my mind and I end up snapping at people without meaning to.
Even those who think they are creating it for other reasons and ideals glorify God with it, without meaning to.
Dear Coleen I make mistakes all the time without meaning to, even when I'm trying my hardest not to.