without number

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He said, without number plate vehicles would not be allowed on the highways and motorways.
They marched on streets for about three hours, waving placards with messages including 'No sand harvesting', 'No lorries without number places' and 'My sand my right'.
The operation was carried out over the directions of secretary Rawalpindi Transport Authority (RTA) against rickshaws who were running without number plates, registration books, route permits and without proper fitness.
It has been said times without number that unemployment is a time bomb, especially when one considers the number of educated youths who are unemployed.
He drove away in a grey Honda Logo without number plates together with another person who had been waiting for him.
During the discussion, officials from Investigation department at the Directorate said the most common violations they see is riding bikes without number plates.
Major-General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, said the police were informed about cars without number plates involved in racing and stunt driving on various Dubai roads, especially in Al Aweer and Ras Al Khor areas.
We're surrounded by miraculous life-forms almost without number that are kept alive by a mysteriously interwoven, self-replenishing support system that--even with all of our scientific 'breakthroughs'--we still don't understand.
Brig Ganem said the bikes impounded were not licensed while the vehicles were driven on the roads without number plates.
The biggest problem facing the forestry teams is that violators use vehicles without number plates, which makes it hard to recognise and pursue them," but vowed to take "stringent measures and impose the stiffest possible penalty to deter them.
They were without number one Ben Barker and reserve Paul Starke, who were both required by their Premier League clubs, for the trip to Essex and King believes the absence of Barker, in particular, had an effect on the team.
Fueled by a quixotic quest for uniform equality upon a battlefield beset with hypersensitivity where this can never be, competing interests without number are the windmills in a war in which two will rise for every foe defeated.