without offense

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The NHL Sharks saw what happened without offense last year and should have worked harder in the offseason to correct the problem.
Woe, intoned Kierkegaard, to the one who dares to preach the Gospel without offense.
The questionnaire confirmed that they didn't know how to communicate their wants and needs to each other without offense.
In her preface, de Lauretis admits that "I shall endeavor to remind the reader, as discreetly as it can be done without offense to critical and stylistic conventions, that my theoretical speculations and my reading of the texts follow the yellow brick road of my own fantasies, the less-than-royal road of my personal or experiential history," and, not many pages from her book's close, that "it is only by generic and rhetorical conventions that this book does not read like an autobiography.
It's worth repeating that frequently misused or misunderstood words present a challenge to writers who wish to communicate clearly, credibly, and without offense.
These musicians/marchers are conducted by a rabbi, and though Kantor is much too decorously avantgarde to be accused of having a paraphrasable idea, his treatment of the imagery of Jewish (and other) victims seemingly in collusion with their oppressors would not be without offense to anyone who might think to "interpret" his mise en scene.
Katie pulls no punches but is sure that she may speak her mind without offense so long as she prefaces every statement with the phrase: "No offense, but .