without pity

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Henceforth we have to follow the spectacle of a man who was a mere whip-top for calamity; on whose unmerited misadventures not even the humourist can look without pity, and not even the philosopher without alarm.
The wrath and curse of God fall upon you, woman without pity, who have slain mine innocent grandchild and made desolate this old heart that had nor chick, nor friend nor stay nor comfort in all this world but him
your father, show yourself without pity or mercy for the usurper who, at this moment, has not even to suffer the agony of the remorse of all that you have had to submit to.
I thought of him without pity but also without contempt.
La Fosseuse was no longer anything but a waiting-maid, and the orphan girl, then sixteen years of age, was dismissed without pity.
Find men you can trust, and the moment Fournier had crossed the bridge, burn, without pity, huts, equipages, caissons, carriages,--EVERYTHING
Monsieur says to him in effect, "My nephew, I introduce to you a lady of strong force of character, like myself--a resolved lady, a stern lady, a lady who has a will that can break the weak to powder: a lady without pity, without love, implacable, revengeful, cold as the stone, but raging as the fire.
Protect the kids is what they said, Keep them alive, well, not dead, German bombs will hit the city, And annihilate without pity.
The follow-up albums Candyfloss And and Angels & Electricity contain songs co-written with keyboard player Teddy Borowiecki as well as more songs by Boo Hewerdine, plus a great version of the old Gene Pitney hit Town Without Pity.
Indeed, abortion can best be seen as a punch line (see "Obvious Child"), an action taken without pity or remorse that can and often is an essential step in the journey from self-indulgent adolescent to self-indulgent adult.
You are all pagans and we will kill you, even if you do not attack us we will kill you … Allah commands us to kill without pity.