without precision

See: inexact
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These consecrated men and women are like players in the football field running up and down and kicking balls without precision. They work without any vision and definite goals.
What value is possession of the ball without precision to complete the task?
Moreover, to hear a hyper-intelligent OS speak without precision and depth is absurd-- Samantha is Artificial Intelligence perfected, and for some critics, the ideal woman for unrealistic male fantasies.
Between them the Au500m men produced two shots on target and a sense above all of incoherence and trapped talent, energy without precision.
Contract award: a new measurement of all the details of situational i, ii and iii groups without precision in group precision points a, b and the resumption of approximately 2 000 external border crossing points military complex in torun.
In the former case, there cannot be accuracy without precision, however, in the latter case, accuracy requires some degree of impartiality, but impartiality doesn't necessarily require accuracy.
A fully automated facility with vision-guided robots can pick and set from the AGVs without precision locating requirements.
However shocking, it is a statement without precision. As he acknowledges, we have no firm bead on the civilian death toll in Iraq, let alone in the many conflicts of sub-Saharan Africa.
The NTSB stated that the pilot and co-pilot failed to follow established procedures for landing at night without precision instruments.
Likewise, pathways today are designed for fast and easy assembly without precision cutting or fitting of components.
per foot, yet is fabricated without precision machining-reducing the cost.