without prudence

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THE Welsh saying 'gwr heb bwyll, llong heb angor' translates as 'A man without prudence is a ship without an anchor'.
Petulance without prudence has become the bane of our national survival.
Without prudence, one cannot be wise in a practical sense; one cannot act on the appropriate principles in appropriate ways in the real world.
Intellectual capacity without the virtues that come through the test of time produces leaders without prudence, judiciousness, insight and common sense.
Fortitude without prudence is foolhardiness, while prudence without fortitude is clever cowardice.
Instead I realize how perfectly naive I was, and how naive many of us in the humanities are, when we use words like "subversive," "transgressive," and even "challenging" without prudence. Most of the students had the kind of dangerous fun, the urgent play, that I hoped we would have.
In the post-war period, there was a spontaneous desire to show them without prudence or reserve, as if they were sufficient in themselves.
(4) Aristotle at first also seems to distinguish philosophy and prudence by presenting the apparently stark alternative of "philosophers without prudence" (such as Thales and Anaxagoras) and "statesmen without wisdom" (such as Pericles) (see Tessitore 1996, 50; Nicomachean Ethics 1140b8-11, 1141b4-8).