without recompense

See: gratis
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The threat of publicity can be such that parties with good claims may abandon them without recompense because they simply do not wish to go through with court proceedings.
and the afflicted remain without recompense for their homes and properties, which have been reduced to a pile of dirt.
That's our grass on which their cows are grazing, without recompense.
I don't want to report in a future column that an accident occurred and the injured were left without recompense because someone misrepresented coverage for a job in a certificate of insurance.
On top of that, the Commission of Audit is recommending capping the former Federal funding guarantee at 45 per cent of efficient growth if this happens without recompense we could expect to be at least $60 million worse off.
Carla and Rob are still feuding, and the fight is ramped up when he refuses to sign over his 30 per cent of the business without recompense, demanding the PS50,000 it's worth.
Ironically, it is hard-line Hindu males who oppose the law, some of whom practice polygamy in Bangladesh and often abandon their first wives without recompense.
The story of Balochistan, too, is a saga of deprivation of the people and exploitation of their resources, without recompense.
The film not only vicariously avenges Egypt's military defeats, it also suggests that Egypt could regain the mantel of regional political leadership many Egyptians think they ceded, ultimately without recompense, by signing the Camp David Accords.
It says bluntly that the suspect banknote is 'impounded without recompense.
I'M sure everyone would like free travel now and again - but Nexus is not able to offer free travel on Metro and ferry services during the Great North Run as your correspondent Lisa Dickson (Voice of the North, September 25) suggests, and neither should bus companies that provide invaluable "special" shuttle buses be expected to do so without recompense.