without regrets

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For three months he had been thinking of nothing but the future; and he went without regret.
As he looked at the matter in this way, he learned that he was being sent to Voronezh to buy remounts for his division, not only without regret at being prevented from taking part in the coming battle, but with the greatest pleasure- which he did not conceal and which his comrades fully understood.
In those rare flashes of semi-consciousness which sometimes come to the fever-stricken, he reckoned himself a dying man and contemplated the end of all things without enthusiasm and without regret.
Without a tremor and without regret she darted away from the camp, and a moment later the mysterious jungle had closed about her.
When D'Artagnan had perfectly convinced himself that the absence of the Vicar-General d'Herblay was real, and that his friend was not to be found at Melun or in its vicinity, he left Bazin without regret, cast an ill-natured glance at the magnificent Chateau de Vaux which was beginning to shine with that splendor which brought on its ruin, and, compressing his lips like a man full of mistrust and suspicion, he put spurs to his pied horse, saying, "Well, well
Then he sat torpid, and pleased, and bewildered; his misfortunes were then half forgotten; his mind considering, not without regret, this unsentimental return to his old love.
Monte Cristo bowed without making any answer; he accepted the offer without enthusiasm and without regret, as one of those conventions of society which every gentleman looks upon as a duty.
Nor was it without regret that I came home, without having found an opportunity of returning thither, and once more shaking hands with the friends I made that day.
City are intent on finishing this campaign without regrets.
Song said, 'I hope to expand my filmography without regrets and I wish to experience the filming set from different cultures.
He is the proud son of a veteran, a poet, a mentor, and a TED Talk speaker who advocates for living life without regrets by sharing his personal experience through print and social media.